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i have opened up this account by command of my new owner, Princess Monique. SHE is my Goddess and i am HER bitch slave. SHE has made me realize that i am a pathetic loser, but that's okay, because i'm HER pathetic loser. i will dedicate my life to pleasing, serving and amusing HER. i know i have a long ways to go, but it is my goal to becum HER live in cuckold slave. i'm prepared to be turned into a fluffer faggot, even though i'm not gay. i realize that i could never please Princess with my sissy clitty, and so it is my duty to please HER in other ways. Anyway i can bring a smile to HER face, or make HER laugh (always at me, never with me), makes my pathetic existence more important. This journal is about a man who is willfully turning his pathetic loser life over to a WOMAN who plans on stripping him of his manhood, humiliating him, demoting him from the human race to a sub human, perverted piece of shit property, and even whoring him out as a cocksucking faggot. That man, former man, is me. And that WOMAN is Princess Monique! All hail PRINCESS MONIQUE!!!!!!!

Even though i'm a loser sissy bitch, i'm a very cute loser. i've never had problems getting pretty girls to date me. The problem always came when it was time to please HER. my dick is only 4 or 5 inches (not sure where you're supposed to measure from) and i've always had a issues with impotency. i used to be depressed about it. But Princess Monique has taught me to "Embrace it bitch!" SHE's made me realize that there are Real Men, and there are losers. There are Real Cocks, and then therea are sissy clitty's. i definitely fall into the loser with a sissy clitty category. And there's a certain freedom that comes with that realization. Now i don't have to try and be a Real Man. i can embrace the fact that i'm a sissy bitch and try to be the best sissy bitch loser i can be for my Princess.

Thank YOU Princess Monique for bringing meaning to my pathetic life.

my profile pic is my reincarnation fantasy.
i want to come back as Princess Monique's bicycle seat!
and pimped out whore., ashtray (she doesn't smoke, bathing attendant, being princess monique's bitch, but her friends might), chauffeur, doormat, fluffer faggot, footstool, french maid, leashed pet, party favor bitch, personal masseur, pussy clean up boy, sissy, slapping post, slave, slut, toilet, toilet paper