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i know YOU probably won't ever see this Princess.
But i just wanted to let the world know that YOU are fucking awesome.

i love the fact that YOU know just how to treat a lil sissy boy like me.
YOU know that i belong on my knees, licking the dirt between YOUR toes.
YOU know that sexually, i need to be turned into an oral slut, who serves as a pussy clean up boy and fluffer faggot cuckold.
YOU know that my dick is more like a sissy clitty, and that it's only good for one thing.... making YOU laugh!

i love YOU Princess Monique.
Thank YOU for taking control of my life.

YOUR sissy bitch,

Current Mood: thankful thankful

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i want to come back as Princess Monique's bicycle seat.
It's the only way i'll ever get that close to HER Royal Pussy, Ass, and Thighs.

This is the 12x12 inch comfort seat.
It's also the only way i'll ever be associated with 12 inches.

i love being owned by YOU Princess!

Current Mood: dorky

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this is my 1st post signaling to the world that i'm Princess Monique's sissy bitch loser.
i hope to someday serve at HER feet and be HER personal #1 real life bitch.
i know i'm not worthy, so i'll make it my life's goal to amuse HER enough to give me a chance.

Thank YOU for bringing meaning to my pathetic existence Princess Moniue!

i will only post on here when YOU command me to, as i don't expect YOU to take the time to read my blog.
i will post on YOUR blog on days i have internet access and praise YOUR SUPERIORITY over my pathetic sorry ass.

Current Mood: hopeful hopeful

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